American Auto offers a wide array of automotive services.  We got you covered from regular check-ups and vehicle maintenance to insurance assistance and vehicle safety programs.  Fill out the form below so you can discuss your needs and options with our qualified representatives immediately.

Auto Body Repair

Nicks and scratches should never keep you off the road.  Riding in style is important to you, so we partner with the area’s best auto-collision experts to deliver you quick, economical and flawless front-to-rear auto face lift.  Great auto body repair is all about making your vehicle as good as new, and we take pride in helping you stay spotless.

Early Lease Termination

Driving new car is fun and exciting and American Auto Group works directly with your financial services company to keep the smell of the brand new leather upholstery fresh.  We constantly communicate with our clientele about on-going deals, their lease term options, and other factors that make getting into another brand new car possible.


New car and auto insurance go hand in hand, so it is important to secure the most affordable rate that creates savings for you and your family.  Our sales staff is well versed in the many different aspects of insurance rate negotiation.  We take it upon ourselves to provide you with detailed policy information as well as close estimate of your auto insurance rate so you can determine whether the vehicle of your choice makes sense financially.

Lease End Services

End of a lease term means saying hello to your next brand new car. It also means dealing with potential dings and dents. American Auto Group provides a free comprehensive consultation and administrative assistance to help you manage this process in the most cost effective and time saving manner.

Lease Transfer

Lease transfer is a great way to get into an extremely affordable short-term lease.  It is also a great option for drivers itching to get into the next best thing without having to wait for the lease to end.  Our staff is well-versed in the lease transfer marketplace and is ready to provide you with flexibility worthy of your taste and desire.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Roads can be unpredictable and unforgiving.  From potholes to cracked pavement, one wrong turn can create a major financial setback, but it doesn’t have to.  American Automotive Group offers a full array of Tire and Wheel Protection packages to protect you and your wallet from unnecessary hardship.

Anti-Theft Protection

Stay in control with the latest advances in the anti-theft technologies.  Our team works with a network of industry experts and can advise you on the many different ways you can protect your vehicle from being vandalized or stolen.  From automated kill switches, to wirelessly activated cameras and window etchings, we’re here to help you with the best of the best in security and comfort.

Wear and Tear Protection

Returning your vehicle at the end of the lease should be seamless, but excessive wear and tear upon termination can blindside you financially.  The best way to stay prepared is through a multitude of Wear and Tear Protection packages that will eliminate all unexpected charges associated with interior and exterior damage.

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